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2 years ago

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I do not know about the rest of you readers here know, but it is something special for me here in reading the reports of truth. That's because I'm more interested to know the events that are real, even if a little mundane at times and makes racing over the action, as a desire to May. Hey, that 's life! I think the stories I have more fun ( but irritating for me at least ) are those who say it's true, but with an army of men armed with 9 " cock of a lovely young woman willing (often in pairs) with a model gaytube "forms and faces of the goddesses. I think it may be true, but hmmm.. any case, if one is so very true stories, especially if you are interested in enacting some gaytube of these scenarios, here: I have 48 years of age, married, but that his wife was in great measure sex after the birth of our son one last time. In our past, we were both pretty adventurous and have more things couples can do together. Recently, however, revived the old calls and there I was thinking of a coldTimes in my past with other couples. I have no much time as I would like 3some (or more) than I am a doctor agree in a busy hospital in London. Anyway, to make a long story short, I answered an ad in an MSN group, where an American couple ( let's call her Karen Lee ) announced an impending visit to Britain and the desire to meet couples / individual the fun. We exchanged a few e- mails and images provided by mutual agreement as genuine, and then gather at a bar near Euston station in London, close to your rental for your stay. Now, when I saw their pictures, but I was somewhat prepared for what gaytube I saw when I entered the bar! Immediately I saw Karen and wow! He had short brown hair and a slim figure that I knew of his photos, but I did not expect was the low-cut top with the curve of her breasts clearly visible, and a short skirt that clearly showed the top half. Now I am no prude, but I was glad when we finished our drinks and made our way to backnowledgment to his apartment. But before that, we spoke with ease all kinds of things (except what we were there! ) And found that they were all healthy, safe and easy to get it. He was convinced that all men in the gaytube bar knew exactly what would happen if the three of us went there. Well, if not, the staff of the apartment building was definitely the way back After a few glasses of wine, Lee said he liked me very much, Karen Lee movies with other guys and see everything and her mouth to shoot. I really gaytube did not know what to expect but I was as hard as a rock gaytube gaytube and ready for almost any kind of fun with his sexy wife, who obviously was as hot as he was now. all left, and Karen and I naked in bed and kissed her hands roaming over each other. Her tits were fabulous, with very small nipples erect, but soon ended up in my mouth. At the same time, put his hand and slowly began to stroke my medium did not (9 "! ), Uncircumcised cock. Mmmm.. that was good! I expected Lee to join us, gaytube but he stood on the side of the bed naked lead us to the movies with a film camera gaytube or still photos. We were always too far away to worry about. Lee and I took turns on each other, and I had a wonderful time waving her little clit hard and long tongue around slowly with the palm over her and her little kitten. Then I took her mouth and gave me one of the best blowjobs I've received. This lady was not a novice. All the while my husband is in motion, sometimes whispering, sometimes encouraging (?) With us to talk dirty. This is actually more for the two and passed some serious fucking. I slipped on the wet pussy and Karen was heavenly. He made beautiful little mewing sounds as if I slipped at home all the time, and we have moved from one position to another. Screech at a time when they jump on me, suddenly stopped and gave a little andI thoug
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